Apple ordered to pay university a tiny $506 million patent fine

File photo dated 23/01/13 of the logo in the Apple store in Regents Street, London, as the technology giant has sold more iPhones in the last three months of 2016 than ever before, the company said in its latest financial results.

Apple is no more abnormal to patent claims, however the tech mammoth has been dragged through the mud again after a judge added a strong extra fine to a case initially heard in 2015. The organization has been requested to pay the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) $506 million for encroaching on a patent including processors found in a few variants of the iPhone. The patent was acquired by WARF in 1998.

The harms at first forced on Apple by a jury totaled $234 million, however US District Judge William Conley included $272 million after Apple kept on encroaching the patent until the point when it lapsed in December 2016. The gigantic entirety will scarcely make a mark in Apple's funds, however the organization is said to be engaging the decision. It's not the first run through WARF has turned out to be a thistle in the business' side, either. The establishment recorded a body of evidence against Intel in 2008 for utilizing a similar patent, and not long in the wake of making the first encroachment guarantee it documented another claim against Apple over the organization's A9 CPUs.