BBC Micro Bit could be used by hackers to hijack drones

BBC Micro Bit could be used by hackers to hijack drones
The BBC's Micro Bit can be utilized in all way of activities, yet the most recent utilization of the small PC board is to control stressing hacking assaults including commandeering an automaton.

This was shown by Damien Cauquil, who is senior security analyst at Econocom Digital Security, over at the Def Con hacking gathering at the end of a week ago.

In a discussion entitled 'Weaponizing the BBC Micro Bit', Cauquil expounded on how his group took a couple of months to hack into the Micro Bit's firmware, at that point appended it to an automaton controller handset and utilized that to take control of another person's quadcopter while it was in mid-flight.

The Register reports that assuming control of the automaton didn't generally work flawlessly, with inactivity issues once in a while meddling and causing slips in the association between the capturing controller and machine, yet it apparently functioned admirably enough.

Given that automatons are sufficiently risky when guided by their proprietor now and again, not to mention some devilish programmer, the potential abuse of this capacity is clearly a profoundly stressing prospect.

Console tricks

Cauquil additionally demonstrated how he could transform the Micro Bit into an apparatus which can sniff out keystrokes from remote (Bluetooth) consoles, concealing the gadget on a work area to peruse touchy points of interest like passwords. He called this "an enhanced sniffer enlivened by the mousejack devices composed by Bastille".

Obviously, other smaller PC sheets could be utilized to pull off these kind of hacking stunts, for example, the Raspberry Pi. Also, maybe the genuine worry here is the clear (relative) simplicity of hacking remote gadgets more than whatever else.

Despite the fact that Cauquil did additionally watch that the Micro Bit's remote equipment and Python bolster improved it at over-the-air sniffing and hack assaults than a decent arrangement of "committed" hacking gadgets.

So, most people are as yet utilizing the Beeb's little PC to accomplish things like programming their own recreations, yet who recognizes what's on the horizon for the million or more Micro Bits out there in the UK.