Best Javascript frameworks in 2017


Angular and React

Web frameworks like Angular and React have changed the web development landscape for the better, and so much excitement is hidden within the anticipation of what is yet to come.
Google’s ever-popular web development framework Angular has exploded with popularity in recent years, and continues to provide a solid base foundation for developers who are working strictly with the latest industry standards and abilities. Angular.js in itself provides a set of modern development and design features for rapid application development, and Google has gone as far as creating a separate part of the site that offers the Material Design specification to help you build apps that stay in touch with the most modern approaches there are.


With the kind of lifespan that this project holds already, even those living under a rock will have heard of jQuery before. Whenever someone wants to extend their website (or mobile page) and make it more interactive; they rely on the functionality of jQuery. This tiny library transforms the whole web into a fully interactive and entertaining experience, with a reported whopping 70%+ of the World’s leading websites having something to do with jQuery. jQuery plugins and widgets are amongst the most searched components within the front-end developer orbit.
Companies like WordPress, Google, IBM and many others rely on jQuery to provide a one of a kind web browsing experience to its own staff and of course the vast ocean of internet users. jQuery is also fully compliant with mobile devices, and has a separate jQuery Mobile library to take care of all things mobile.