Bungie Will Take Destiny Servers Offline To Prepare For Destiny 2 Next Week

Bungie Will Take Destiny Servers Offline To Prepare For Destiny 2 Next Week
One week from now will be the start of the end for the first Destiny, as Bungie will be taking the Destiny servers disconnected with a specific end goal to plan for Destiny 2. Luckily the downtime won't be long, however it will in any case be going on around a month prior to Destiny 2 discharges on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The servers will be brought down on August 8 at 8 in the morning Pacific Time, and will be down for around four hours. Gratefully this is obviously one of the less dynamic parts of the week, and the downtime will be to play out some server upkeep keeping in mind the end goal to prepare for the flood of Destiny 2 players.

Fate 2 has had a lot of enthusiasm from different players, with there being more pre-requests and beta members than the first diversion. On the off chance that Destiny 2's servers can't deal with those new players without a moment's delay, the diversion may have an awful begin like The Division, where individuals needed to begin queueing outside of the primary mission region keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from slamming the amusement. Subsequently the support that will require taking the Destiny servers disconnected.

The Destiny 2 beta likewise had a couple of issues with different bugs that shielded individuals from playing, however generally that appeared to be genuinely steady. The specialized issues additionally didn't prevent many people from playing the beta, all that anyone could need to make the beta bigger than the first Destiny one.

Predetermination 2 will be turning out on September 6 of this current year, so despite everything you have around five weeks to plan for it and say your farewells to the Tower and all your stuff. In case you're on the PC, you'll have the capacity to play the Destiny 2 beta yourself in the not so distant future, since that form of the diversion turns out on October 10.

Meanwhile, you can proceed to play and pound in Destiny like the devoted playerbase has been accomplishing for as far back as three years, just not on August 8 when they're taking the Destiny servers disconnected.