Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Mozilla has decided to build a new mobile operating system that will focus on true honesty, independence and user choice. It’s Firefox OS. iOS and Android are great, but they each have their own rulebooks and policies that certainly prevent the creative efforts of developers.


                The structural similarities between Firefox OS and Android allow the Mozilla platform to run on a number of devices that ship with Android.

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Comparison with Android

                Comparison with Android both Firefox OS and Android used the Linux kernel. Therefore Firefox OS used the Gecko engine on top of Linux kernel to render the screen output.

You can use the OS to do essential tasks you do on iOS or Android: calling friends, browsing web, taking photos, playing games, they are all possible on Firefox OS, set to rock the smartphone market.

Firefox OS is built on Gonk, Gecko and Gaia software layers, it means it is built on open source, and it carries web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.


Gonk consists of a Linux kernel and user-space hardware abstraction layer. The kernel and several user-space libraries are common open-source projects: Linux, libusb, BlueZ, etc. Some other parts of the HAL are shared with the Android project: GPS, camera, among others. Gonk is basically an extremely simple Linux distribution and is therefore from Gecko’s perspective, simply a porting target of Gecko; there is a port of Gecko to Gonk, just like there is a port of Gecko to OS X, and a port of Gecko to Android. For example, using Gonk, Gecko can obtain direct access to the full telephony stack and display framebuffer, but doesn’t have this access on any other OS.


                Gecko is the web browser engine of this OS. It implements open standards for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Gecko includes a networking stack, graphics stack, layout engine, virtual machine (for JavaScript), and porting layers.


                Gaia is the user interface of Firefox OS and controls everything drawn to screen. Gaia includes by default implementations of a lock screen, home screen, telephone dialer and contacts application, text-messaging application, camera application and a gallery support, plus the classic phone apps: mail, calendar, calculator and marketplace.