Jack Ma: A 4-Day Work Week Is Coming Soon

Alibaba originator Jack Ma thinks manmade brainpower will make individuals' lives a great deal less demanding later on.

"I think in the following 30 years, individuals will just work four hours per day and possibly four days seven days," Ma said Tuesday amid a CNBC meet at the Gateway '17 Conference. "My granddad worked 16 hours every day in the farmland and [thought he was] exceptionally occupied. We work eight hours, five days a week and think we are extremely occupied."

The Chinese extremely rich person additionally tended to the ascent of counterfeit consciousness, supporting that machines shouldn't be made to recreate human conduct.

"I don't think we should make machines like people," Ma said. "We should ensure the machine can do things that people can't do."

He at last trusts people will beat machines, saying, "people will win."But he believes innovation could start significant issues, and even war. "The third innovation unrest may cause the Third World War," Ma told CNBC.