Problems with the HTC U 11 and how to fix them

The HTC U 11 is an arrival to shape for an organization that has faltered in the course of recent years, with HTC deciding on an all new plan and work for their most recent leader, alongside the novel press include that unquestionably develops on you. Problems with the HTC U 11 and how to fix them. Add to that first class details, a great camera, strong battery life, clean and water resistance, and astounding sound involvement, what you get with the U 11 is an extremely convincing cell phone.

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All things considered, similar to the case with any present era cell phone or tablet, the most recent HTC lead is not without its issues. Which is the reason, we've gathered together a portion of the normal issues that HTC U 11 clients have run over, and offer potential arrangements on the best way to settle them!

A few clients have discovered that when the telephone is connected to their PC, it doesn't perceive the U 11's interior stockpiling, making it difficult to exchange records to the telephone. The HTC Sync Manager additionally neglects to perceive the gadget.

Potential arrangements:

Ensure that the USB drivers are refreshed on your PC, that the telephone is refreshed, and that the link isn't to blame. HTC additionally has a definite agenda accessible for when the HTC Sync Manager neglects to perceive the telephone which you can discover here.

While the progression above has worked for a couple of individuals, the issue appears to happen when the telephone is connected to the USB 3.0 port of the PC for the dominant part of clients. On the off chance that your PC additionally has a USB 2.0 port, the gadget will be perceived on the off chance that you connect it to that port.

A few clients have gone over a message that says that the SD card is degenerate. Others have additionally observed industrious warnings that express that the SD card has been unmounted.

Potential arrangements:

To the extent the SD card unmounted/mounted issue is concerned, it is something that is required to be settled with a product refresh that is right now taking off.

In the other case, ensure that the microSD card is really working fine by connecting it to another telephone or your PC. On the off chance that it is, move down every one of the information on the SD card first and after that set it back in the U 11. On getting the SD card defiled warning, pick to do a total configuration. At that point go to the Storage segment in the Settings menu and do a Safe Eject. Problems with the HTC U 11 and how to fix them. You would now be able to move your documents back on to the microSD card, and set it back into the telephone while the gadget is fueled off. The card should now be perceived and fill in not surprisingly.