That’s enough, computer: 76 rejected OK Computer think-pieces

This year points the twentieth commemoration of Radiohead's OK Computer, a historic point collection that has as of now been feted with an extensive new reissue, and also various new articles about the collection's waiting effect—especially its judicious vision of a cutting edge society governed by fascistic corporatocracy and characterized by sentiments of estrangement, discomfort, and data over-burden, all composed, unimaginably, in a marginally less present day form of that. Surely, there's quite recently such a great amount to say in regards to this vital record that by one means or another hasn't as of now been said more than 20 years of music feedback, at last The A.V. Club couldn't think of only one hot take that felt culminate. So here are every one of them 76.That’s enough, computer: 76 rejected OK Computer think-pieces.

1. Alright Computer, Fox News, and the foreknowledge of "Hitler hair styles" in the time of Trump

2. Your conclusion is of no result: How "Distrustful Android" foreseen Twitter

3. To begin with against the divider: Did OK Computer help one party rule by attempting to hurt it?

4. There would be no Breitbart if Radiohead hadn't unwittingly unleashed estranged white men

5. Other British groups who didn't record OK Computer and their complicity in Brexit

6. We might be in Trump's "post-truth" time, however even he can't change the way that OK Computer is really great

7. All that you have to think about the migration discuss is in "Underground Homesick Alien," in addition to many years of lawful hypothesis

8. 20 years prior, OK Computer TOTALLY DESTROYED every preservationist contention until the end of time

9. Alright Computer doesn't have anything to do with communism—and that is alright

10. "Airbag" versus blabbermouth: What OK Computer informs us concerning Bill O'Reilly

11. On the off chance that OK Computer anticipated our future, why would it be able to stop 9/11?

12. NO-K Computer: Why Radiohead ought to have held up to record its point of interest third collection in 2017

13. How Radiohead's OK Computer showed us that science fiction supernatural quality could sound truly discouraging

14. How Radiohead's OK Computer is a cyberpunk statement as per an examining of William Gibson on

15. Would ok be able to Computer clarify an unnatural weather change superior to Bill Nye?

16. Why the present emotional lack of OK Computer is executing a huge number of honey bees

17. At 20, Radiohead's OK Computer has turned into a collection for the pained circumstances you live in particularly, James

18. An airbag spared my life: How OK Computer anticipated the monstrous Takata airbag review of 2017

19: "Neurotic Android": How OK Computer anticipated that irregular Japanese android thing—you know, that one on YouTube

20: "Underground Homesick Alien": The shocking, leading up to now unexplored association between OK Computer and Bob Dylan

21. "Leave Music (For A Film)": How OK Computer anticipated the consummation of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet

22. "Let Down": How OK Computer anticipated the X-Files restoration

23. "Karma Police": How OK Computer anticipated, suppose, the acquiescence of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

24. "Fitter Happier": How OK Computer anticipated that individuals would some time or another be kinda plump

25. "Electioneering": How this OK Computer melody enabled us to poo out another Trump piece

26. "Moving up The Walls": How OK Computer anticipated that abnormal split in your restroom

27. "No Surprises": We played OK Computer for the egotistical 22-year-olds we work with who said they'd never tuned in to it and they were all similar to, "Eh," and goddamnit we abhor them. We despise them!

28: "Fortunate": How OK Computer motivated us to chase down each "Sarah" in the British telephone directory, Terminator-style

29. "The Tourist": How OK Computer anticipated Johnny Depp's IMDB page

30. Humming like an ice chest: Is OK Computer unfeeling to those with dietary issues?

31. Fitter, more joyful? The lamentable body-disgracing of OK Computer

32. Neurotic android? The unfortunate android-disgracing of OK Computer

33. Fitter, more joyful: Did Radiohead rehash the hip-bounce play for pale white folks?

34. From an awesome tallness: Does OK Computer sound any unique… in space?

35. Inhale, continue breathing: The 53-minute OK Computer yoga exercise

36. A concoction response: Does OK Computer really change the way your cerebrum works?

37. An occupation that gradually executes you: 15 OK Computer markers that Thom Yorke simply needed out

38. Back to spare the universe: The arrival of Radiohead, the band that never left

39. How OK Computer executed option shake, at that point sewed its rectum close and continued encouraging its own guts to it, with a specific end goal to spare it

40. What the neoliberal play area of OK Computer educates us concerning Apple's new grounds outline

41. Not alright, PC: How Radiohead helped me comprehend the Xbox One

42. Gamers are dead and OK Computer slaughtered them

43. What OK Computer still needs to say in regards to Gucci's part in the mold business

44. What OK Computer can inform us concerning specialty lager

45. My pooch is dead: How OK Computer helped me comprehend misfortune

46. An oral history of the time we purchased Radiohead's OK Computer from an optimistic standpoint Buy in Canton, Ohio

47. An oral history of lounging around getting high and discussing OK Computer with my companions

48. What it felt like to survey OK Computer when it initially turned out and furthermore be youthful and single and not worn out constantly

49. I'm a stone faultfinder moving toward 40; will I be expounding on OK Computer until the point when I bite the dust?

50. A track-by-track breakdown of OK Computer and whether every one is wonderful or super marvelous

51. Alright Computer was the second Radiohead collection without a successor to "Crawl": A glance back at circumstance lost

52. Why OK Computer is the best collection of the most recent 20 years additionally perhaps not

53. Still OK, I figure: Revisiting OK Computer 20 years subsequent to preferring it fine in the '90s

54. DAMN., Computer: Was Radiohead the Kendrick Lamar of its day, however for white individuals irritable about innovation?

55. From Radiohead's OK Computer to Beyoncé's Lemonade, a gander at two collections whose titles gather programmed clicks

56. Imagine a scenario in which OK Computer were terrible. A substitute history of online shake feedback

57. It would be ideal if you might you be able to stop the commotion: How OK Computer unjustifiably upstaged Toad The Wet Sprocket's Coil

58. after 20 years, does OK Computer still hold up on the off chance that you never truly administered to it and just like whip metal?

59. "Let Down": Why hasn't Radiohead quite recently made OK Computer 20 more circumstances?

60. The enormous fish eat the androids: Proof that OK Computer and Kid A happen in a similar universe

61. How Radiohead showed all of us to grasp 2-letter articulations of acknowledgment

62. Alright Computer, Tarantino, NYPD Blue: What had apartments talking in the late '90s

63. Was OK Computer the Mr. Show of music? The A.V. Club tries to shoehorn that in by one means or another

65. Alright D'oh-PC: How The Simpsons' brilliant age impacted Radiohead's incongruity

66. How Meeting People Is Easy gives us another approach to pack in another goddamn anecdote about OK Computer

67. The Fifth Element and OK Computer turned out around a similar time: That's likely something, isn't that so?

68. Alright, PC: Why the web wouldn't in any case exist notwithstanding Radiohead

69. Did OK Computer develop the iPhone? No? Who are we considering at that point?

70. How OK Computer anticipated our proceeded with okayness with PCs

71. How Radiohead's OK Computer slaughtered the web think-piece industry

72. Radiohead's OK Computer is the last incredible thinkpiece collection, at any rate until the point when Funeral turns 20

73. This feature was composed by an aware machine as imagined by Radiohead's OK Computer