The next Windows 10 update will be BLOCKED on ANY computer that uses THIS processor

Windows 10 machines controlled by Intel Atom Clover Trail processors will never again get the most recent elements, Microsoft has affirmed.

The Redmond-based innovation organization has issued an announcement to innovation blog The Verge that affirms it will never again be issuing Windows 10 refreshes for these gadgets.

Clients who attempted to update their gadgets to the most recent adaptation of Windows 10 were gone up against by a mistake message.

Most by far of Intel's Atom Clover Trail processors were discharged amid the Windows 8 period, however Microsoft offered these gadgets a free move up to Windows 10 to stay up with the latest.

In any case, these gadgets will no pass up a great opportunity for the most recent Windows 10 highlights.

A Microsoft representative cleared up the organization's position in an announcement to The Verge saying, "They require extra equipment support to give the most ideal experience when refreshing to the most recent Windows 10 include refresh, the Windows 10 Creators Update.

"Notwithstanding, these frameworks are never again bolstered by Intel (End of Interactive Support), and without the fundamental driver bolster, they might be unequipped for moving to the Windows 10 Creators Update without a potential execution affect."

In spite of the fact that these gadgets will be abandoned with regards to the most recent components in Windows 10, Microsoft has vowed to stay up with the latest with security patches.

The US innovation organization will offer a more established Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Intel Clover Trail gadgets rather, and affirmed it "will give security updates to these particular gadgets running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update until January of 2023."

Acer had beforehand tended to the issue on its site, where it affirmed gadgets running Intel Clover Trail processors were not able introduce Windows 10 Creators Update, not to mention its successor, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

As indicated by Acer, "Microsoft is working with us to cause give good drivers to address this incongruence.

"On the off chance that you introduce the Windows 10 makers refresh, symbols and content may not show up by any stretch of the imagination, or may appear as strong shading pieces or bars.

"In the event that you have just introduced Creators Update and are encountering issues, you can utilize Windows 10 recuperation alternatives to reestablish your framework to the past form."

The accompanying Intel Clover Trail processors are as of now not upheld on Windows 10 Creators Update – Atom Z2760, Atom Z2520, Atom Z2560, Atom Z2580.

It's indistinct what number of gadgets running Intel Clover Trail processors are at present being used.