Premium Logics, being a full fledge it solution provider and top web designing and developing company, is providing the best solution to all of your IT related needs since 2013. With the practical experience of planning and advancement of some top websites, Premium logics offers services in the development of Websites, portals, Ecommerce websites, Web Apps and Mobile apps, especially Android and IOS.

Graphics Designing

With the user-centric design approach in our every developed product, our apps and websites are considered to be best.

Mobile App

Cross platform apps are considered to be better as these apps work efficiently and let the customers easily interact with you.

Web Development

Aligning the website according to business needs will let the users find the information regarding their need in easy and a quick way.

Online Marketing

Also being an online marketing firm, we provide the nitty-gritty of Meta descriptions, pay per click marketing and web analytics software.

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How we build

The agile development approach is implemented by the development process for all the products and employs “sprints” (time-boxing) which are pre-defined development cycles that, depending on the needs and parameter of the project necessary for the better development runs from 1 to 4 weeks. To understand which nature of features should be developed within a sprint, the project team will thoroughly assess the requirements and product backlog which includes an ordered list of features, bugs, or anything considered essential to the success of the application. The list is maintained by the project team and is contributed by all. When there is a new submission of a feature, bug, or non-functional requirement to the product backlog, the product owner will work with the stakeholders to determine the priority, due date, risk, value, as well as any dependencies on other features that have either already been developed, or pending. Iterative development is an industry best practice for software development and the approach that this project team has used successfully to launch products for clients. Here are the three sub phases of project team’s development methodology listed as: Kick Off, Product Iteration, and Close Out.